Alba Francesca


    Alba Francesca was born in Florence, Italy to American artist parents.  When she was three they moved to Mexico for two years, prior to settling in the United States where the family lived in a three hundred year old house on eastern Long Island, New York. 

    Alba has a degree in Art History from Finch College in New York City, with a specialty in Asian and African art.  She studied in France, Italy, England and Spain.  She is the recipient of The Cosgrave Award from Finch College which recognizes distinguished graduates.

    Alba’s mother, Sophie, taught her to quilt in the early 1970’s.  She has been making textile pieces ever since, but only “came out” as a professional textile artist a few years ago. 

    Her primary profession had been working in the entertainment  industry.  She began her career at the age of ten in the theater as an actress.  She later moved into television and film where she worked as an actress, writer, producer and director.  Her main focus is now on her textile career but she keeps a finger in film work, albeit her pinky finger.

    The inspiration for her textile art comes from her personal life, her sense of humor and her unique eye for design and beauty.  Presently she is striving for as much movement as possible in her pictorial designs, and for visually expressing her most personal point of view.  Her experience as an actress and filmmaker is the foundation for her extremely personalized textile pieces. 

    Alba is happily married to actor, James Karen.  They make their home in Los Angeles.


Alba paints with textiles.  Fabric is the raw material  she uses for her art. A textile alone might inspire her, but when something else stimulates her creative process, fabric allows her to express this inspiration through its use.


Alba’s work has been exhibited at The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky; The Pen and Brush, New York City; throughout California in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Ontario, Pasadena, Monrovia, Glendale and Atwater; Myrtle Beach, North Carolina; St Charles, Illinois;  Reno, Nevada; Cinncinatti, Ohio; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Lincoln, Nebraska; Oahu, Hawaii;  and in Switzerland.


Studio Art Quilt Associates

American Quilters Society

The Pen and Brush

The Alliance for American Quilts