Mrs. Myrna and Mr. Morgan Freeman Collection - Charleston, Mississippi

Dr. Tracey Goessel - Los Angeles, California

The Mandell Collection of Southern California - Los Angeles, California

Mrs. Sandra and Mr. Douglass Smith Collection -  San Francisco, California

Mrs. Olivia Mandell Shulman and Mr. Dean Shulman Collection -Las Vegas, Nevada

Mrs. Mary Lou and Mr. Charles Dubin Collection - Los Angeles, California

Ms. Gale Hyatt Collection - Los Angeles, California

Mrs. Becky and Mr. Damon Farber Collection - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ms. Obron and Ms. Shola Farber Collection - East Hampton, New York

Ms. Svea Barrett Collection - Minneapolis, Minnessota

Mrs. Patricia and Mr. Breaux Castleman Collection - Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Sandy and Mr. Aram Farber Collection - Santa Fe, New Mexico